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     The heraldic animal
   of Berlin,
the "Berlin Bear"!

"Berlin Bear"

Manuela & Ingo Hopf

Welcome on the Website of "Berlin Bear" and Organ Grinder Berolinchen!

Dear visitors of the "Berlin Bear"-website. On this website you can book the "Berlin Bear " - mascot as an walk-act for your event!

We are looking forward to your request!

The "Berlin Bear"


For inquiries and orders: for the "Berlin Bear" as walking act and the "Berlin Bear" with the barrel organ grinder. Please send the contact form for a booking request or call (030) 477 12 92.
We submit you an offer.

Filling out the with * marked fields is absolutely essential.

Information about your event
Should you have any details regarding your event, please let us know.


Organ Grinder
Would you like to engage a barrel organ man, a barrel organ woman or even a barrel organ duo? Then this website will be interesting for you.

»» www.leierkasten-berlin.de

Berlin Originals
For your event you still need a "Captain of Köpenick", an "Old Berlin flower lady", a "vendor’s tray girl" or a "dwarf"? Here you will find this walking acts and even more originals from Berlin.

»» www.berliner-originale-berlin.de

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Berolinchen & Bärchen

Manuela & Ingo Hopf

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