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     The heraldic animal
   of Berlin,
the "Berlin Bear"!

"Berlin Bear"

Manuela & Ingo Hopf

Welcome on the Website of "Berlin Bear" and Organ Grinder Berolinchen!

The "Berlin Bear" mascot costume as walk-act at your event!

One of the probably most pleasant ways to see the "Berlin heraldic animal" at close and make a snapshot with him.

The "Berlin Bear" and the barrel organ man Ingo Hopf at the opening of the "U-Bahn" station "Brandenburger Tor" U55 in Berlin.

The "Berlin Bear" can also be a woman, as shown by Manuela Hopf.

The "Berlin Bear"
at the Brandenburg Gate
(German: Brandenburger Tor).

The "Berlin Bear" with a group of Japanese tourists.

Der "Berlin Bear" at the award ceremony of the speedway "Hoppegarten". "Big Price of Berlin".

A group of tourists is photographed with the "Berlin Bear" in the "Hackeschen Höfen" in Berlin.

Der "Berlin Bear" at the "U-Bahnhof Bundestag" with the barrel organ man "Bärchen".

Der "Berlin Bear" would also love to come to you.

Der "Berlin Bear" provides for a good atmosphere at the fair in Berlin.

Der "Berlin Bear" at the "U-Bahnhof Spittelmarkt".

On the sash of the "Berlin Bear" you can read the letters BERLIN.

The "Berlin Bear" break.

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